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SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!Hey in case you've played this game and just wandered around spinning aimlessly and got bored:) This is a hint spoiler to find the swimming hole and the polar bear one bedroom apartment. To find the one bedroom polar bear apartment from the start of the game go directly Up (North) as far as possible, then follow the wall left (West) for a while until you see the cave door and walk into the cave door. To find the swimming hole from start go diagonal Right Up (North East) until you reach the light blue edge of the water. Then follow this light blue edge Right Down (South East) until you find the big dark blue circle and walk into it. If you don't see it you went too far, Follow the blue edge back up until you find it. It is somewhere along this edge in the North East quadrant of the map.


Mac.app.zip 30 MB
Nov 26, 2017
LinuxPolarBear.zip 32 MB
Nov 26, 2017
PolarBear.zip 29 MB
Nov 26, 2017

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